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JMBR Courier Services division was established along side JMBR GROUP after realizing potential business demand to handle secure banking document deliverables. It began as venture into little-known waters and eventually the establishment grew capable of handling deliverables from Bank and Commercial clients not just in the United Arab Emirates but, across the globe.

  • Fast delivery

    Our Bullet Service delivers shipments on same day to any location in the UAE.*

  • worldwide shipping

    We deliver Express shipments to 230 International locations around the globe.

Our History

With a humble start in 1963 as National Printing Press, we were cent percent convinced that there will be no saturation point in our learning and growth curve. The consistent and growing demand in security printing industry has kept us at the tip of our chairs but, security inclusions introduced in secure documents since then; paved way for us to lead the industry as a pioneer with innovative technology solutions. In 1983, MICR Printing Press was established as a result of NDM solutions (Natural Disaster Management) yet, it was set up as a full-fledged production facility with best-in-industry equipment at the time & trained personnel to cater and function as mainstream commercial printing division as well.